Nosing Ahead

I’ve stopped myself from posting several “where do we go from here” pieces because they were just too depressing. I wanted to wait until there was news to share, and finally there might be news of the good sort…

Our new plans for the larger container home have been submitted to the city, and that process is actually moving along quite a bit faster than I expected (I can track the permit numbers online). Our developer and contractor have met to discuss the details. If the city approves, the contractor will re-bid the project, and then it can be forwarded to the bank. Our developer has done all of this without much input from us. We do get updates and questions about slight changes, but it’s better, as we spent so much effort ourselves the last go-around for nothing.

So how do I feel? Well, I’m more cautious and dubious than I’ve ever been about this project because of all the setbacks that we’ve endured, but it will be a pleasant surprise when I hear about the approvals from the city. I look forward to seeing the new budget (especially after house shopping and realizing that to buy a home in any area we want to live will be $100k more than building this place). But, I won’t let myself get excited about this project until we have full approval from the bank and a construction timeline in action, possibly not even until I see broken ground.

Meanwhile, we intimately know the insides and outsides of every house for sale in this city, thanks to online realty sites. We’ve seen every house in our price bracket and chosen areas, so we are constantly weighing our options, deciding what we can compromise on cost, space, location, and amenities, because pretty much everyone does when buying a home, right?

But we keep coming back to this container house…it was designed for us, and it’s got everything that we need, and because of that and the rapid pace the new house seems to be on, the container home is nosing ahead in the race. It really just comes down to whether or not it’s possible to actually build it, and we will soon find out.

One thought on “Nosing Ahead

  1. I remember those calculations, weighing up the pros and cons of each option. You have to keep doing it, so that when the going gets rough (as it will with whichever option!) you have the reassurance that you made the right decision, and didn’t just choose to continue down a path because you’d already walked so damn far along it. We actually wrote our pros and cons down, spreadsheet style. No hurry in posting, but I am always interested to hear your news.

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