More Sweet than Bitter

Well, have you guessed what’s going on yet? My posts on the porch, windows, sidelights, and roof are all referring to a house we’ve found and fallen in love with. This is a little bittersweet to announce, but we are buying a house. It’s not completely bittersweet, though, because we are buying a house that we really, really like!

The house is exactly what we were looking for three years ago. It’s a gorgeous, well-kept midcentury mod full of personality. We’ve decided that if we can’t build the home we want, we’d like to live in this house instead.  Check it out below…option pending!!

9-9-2013 10-14-45 AM

Are we sad about the fact that we aren’t going to build? Of course, and I’ll share all of that soon. But, you guys, the wave of relief is so much stronger.

This has happened incredibly fast, and more details are coming, but I need to get packing!

3 thoughts on “More Sweet than Bitter

  1. Congratulations! The house looks to have great character and I am sure you will transform it further. Frankly, I’d still be really interested to see what you do with it if you feel like continuing to blog. I am delighted for you that you have found somewhere so gorgeous and that you can leave house planning limbo – at long last.

    • Helen–you are reading my mind again. I’ve been unsure about continuing this blog now that building and the containers are over with. However, I am excited about the new house, and I might keep it up to share improvements…besides, the blog is a therapeutic thing for me–I can keep ideas straight–and it works well for my husband–he doesn’t have to hear me repeating these ideas over and over! 😉

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