Moving On

Everything has happened so fast around here.  It’s amazing that we spent three years planning to build, but the entire process from the day we saw our house to the day we got the keys took less than three weeks.  Now we are in the midst of moving in and moving on.

While moving on is really difficult, it has to happen.  We are a jumble of emotions–happy, sad, excited, disappointed–but for now, we’re obviously going to spend our energy on our new house instead of planning for another round possible construction someday down the road.  There is so much to like about the new place and so much that we can do to enjoy it even more.  I’ll work on getting the details of finding the house and falling in love with it on here soon.

So what does moving on mean for this blog? Well, this blog helps me organize my thoughts and ideas–it’s super cathartic to have a space to keep all that stuff.  Therefore, I think that Rock n Roll Problems will shift focus with me from containers and building to modernist houses and fixing them up.  I don’t think that means everything has to change, though!  If you were along for the first couple of years, you saw a ton of ideas I’ve posted for the house…it’s only been this past year or so that’s chronicled our losing building experience.  You’ll probably be happy not to have to hear all those gory details anymore anyways!  I hope you continue to follow and comment and share your experiences here too.

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