Color Splash

My mother wants to know the colors of our future house so that she can make us matching dish and hand towels (I’m lucky to have a crafty mom).  We currently live in a newly neutral house, but before our fix-ups, every room was painted a different color.  I actually like the neutrals, so I’d like most of the walls in the future house to be a soft shade of grey, something with a little color that still bounces light around.

It’s hard to commit to a color scheme in the bathrooms until we actually purchase the tile for the bathrooms, but based on what we already have and the colors that I naturally gravitate to (as my husband likes to point out), it’ll probably go something like this:

Yellow and grey and white in the master bathroom because I want the tile below in our shower.

image from ModWalls

Lime green and white in the guest bath.

image from Trendir

Majestic yellow to match the KitchenAid mixer in the kitchen with possible turquoise accents.

image from Decor4All

The colors for the bedrooms are anyone’s guess, as we’re excited to get new bedspreads for new beds, but I’d like to try orange in one of the rooms.


The main room will have our giant red couch, and I usually accent that with more brights.

image from ModResDes

I’m obviously not afraid of colors, which is a far cry from my college days.  Back then, my mom would beg me not to wear all black and offer to buy clothes in any other shade.  Come to think of it, maybe that’s why she’s so curious about my house colors.

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